Curves Rock

I have had several ladies ask me about finding lingerie for the fuller bust.  There are some fabulous pieces out there on the high street but more often than not they only go to a size DD.  This is when the internet becomes our best friend ladies.  Larger lingerie is out there, we just have to look for it.



Here are a few sites that stock larger sizes. – a US company that ship to the UK.  LOVELY but shipping costs!

Lots of boudoir poses will involve you lying down, so its important for your shoot to make sure your bra is supportive from the sides as well as the bottom.  Formed cups are your best friend.  Make sure you are measured ladies, it really does make a difference.  Longer line bras are great for curves and killer with a pair of big knickers for a vintage look.

I know it may be tempting to buy a corset to hold it all in, but unless you are planning to spend a lot of money for a maid to measure one, I wouldn’t advise them.  The cheep ‘tube’ corset are rarely flattering and if you have a larger bust a big no-no in my opinion.

If you want to hide your tummy think old school – think corselet, basque and body.  But still remember the support.  Just because there is a place to put your boobs, doesn’t mean they will stay there with no support.  Same goes for babydolls.

Hope this helps ladies.  I would love to add to this article at a future date, so if you have any advice or great websites to try, please message me.  #spreadtheboudoirlove