Boudoir for real women #5

Beautifully soft bridal images were the reason behind the shoot.  As always, we go on a little journey – from nervous to goddess –  along the way looking for your inner sexy.



What made you want a boudoir shoot?

I had seen the photographs on the MSB Facebook page which are phenomenal. I was going to see about getting some photos done before Christmas but was too nervous to ask. By the time April came around I noticed a special offer, realised I had a day off with no children, and was due to get married. I thought then why not? My husband loves me and has seen my body evolve from being a student to being a mum why not celebrate this with some photography that can celebrate what I feel I am.



What did you expect from your shoot and did the reality differ?
Before the shoot I went through waves of complete nervousness to pure excitement. I was expecting a dark room (I don’t know why? I suppose to hide my body) Perhaps expecting just a few photos. How wrong I was. It was a fantastic experience. I felt like I was Jo’s best client which built confidence through out the shoot. The room was light and airy much like the atmosphere. Such a giggle to help set me at ease. It was relaxed, I didn’t feel rushed, I was allowed to ease myself into the shoot. The most enjoyable bit was me finding my inner sexy – remembering its not all about the poses of the body but the look in the eyes, the twirling of hair the position of a hand. I cannot also recommend the advice on lingerie enough and the hair and make up. All of these helped to further increase my confidence in the photographs.

What advice would you give anyone considering a shoot?
My advice for anyone thinking about going for a photo Shoot at MSB is GO FOR IT. The experience is exhilarating, confidence building and enjoyable. Go for yourself as well as your partners. Trust Jo. She knows exactly what she is doing. The photos I have received are just beyond words. Expect to be comfortable. I never thought I would have been comfortable getting changed in front of a stranger. But by the end of the shoot (well first underwear change) it wasn’t like I was in front of a stranger. Thank you so much Jo – It was an amazing time and I will definitely be coming back to you in the future.

I like to include a beauty or headshot in every session

As always a huge thank you for my lovely lady who allowed me to use a small selection of her images.  Thanks also to the lovely Sarah for HMUA xx