Boudoir for real women #6

Another in my little series ‘boudoir for real women.  I ask ladies who have had a shoot with MSB a few questions about their shoot.  These are real women and real paying clients of MSB.  MSB ladies are all ages, sizes and backgrounds.  I hope by reading these blogs you can see that boudoir is for real women – not for perfect models but for women like you and me, with lumps and bumps and wobbly bits.  It really doesn’t matter – what matters is your attitude.
So let me introduce you to the ever lovely Miss M
What sort of person are you?  

Would do anything for anyone but very self critical about myself and not a very confident person

What made you want a boudoir shoot? 

 I wanted to do something special and outside my comfort zone as a wedding present for now husband.



Did you have any concerns before your shoot?

Would I be able to go through with it as I was so nervous.   Would I look fat and had I chosen the right sort of outfits.

What did you expect from your shoot and did the reality differ? 

Expected to have to come up with my own poses that I would have really struggled with as I always come up with good ideas too late.  I also expected a do this, do that type of shoot but was nothing like that.  Suggestions were made and Jo helped position you into the more difficult poses.  I felt like my best friend was taking my pictures and I laughed from start to finish.



What advice would you give anyone considering a shoot?

If you’re seriously considering a shoot then just go for it.  You walk in nervous but once your hair and make up is done and the first shot is out of the way, the fun begins.  You will wonder why it took you so long to pluck up the courage.  Jo is amazing.  She knows how to work the camera, what poses will look good and she puts you at ease in an instant.  When the shoot is over you walk out on cloud nine and you feel thinner and more confident about your body than what you did when you walked in.  I knew in my heart that I was going to like my photos and I do.  I cannot believe they’re me, they’re amazing and my husband liked his wedding present so much I bought all the photos.

Jo not only goes to great lengths to get great photos and put you at ease, she also goes out of her way with the presentation of the photos that I had in the box  with the originals on a heart shaped USB and also the remaining ones on a diamond USB beautifully wrapped on a bed of feathers.
One awesome lady, photographer and now, friend.  I would recommend Jo to anyone.  If I was younger I would definitely do again!

2 thoughts on “Boudoir for real women #6

  1. I know the lady in these pictures very well and to say she is pleased with her pictures is an understatement. I’ve not seen her album of pictures, they’re personal between her and her husband, but the ones I can see here are outstanding. Absolutely stunning. And from what I have heard about Jo, I would definitely recommend her. The lady above is quite a quiet lady who keeps herself to herself, she would never have had the confidence she has now if it wasn’t for Jo. Thank you Jo for putting such a big smile on her face (and her husbands!) and for giving her the boost she needs! X

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