Boudoir for real women #3

Real women talk about their boudoir experience.  Here Miss V shares her thoughts.
What made you book your shoot?
Three reasons – my twin sister had been and recommended it, also wanted to do something for posterity so I could have something to look back on and finally it was a valentines present to my partner!
What were your main concerns before your shoot?
That I would look fat and lumpy haha! Also that I wouldn’t look feminine enough – I don’t have much of a cleavage!
How did you prepare for your shoot?
I had some personal training sessions and tried to eat a bit more healthily. I spent time finding some nice underwear and researching poses and photos on Pinterest. Jo was great at giving out advice on undies and at reassuring me about any concerns I had!
How did you feel during your shoot
Self-conscious to start with but soon relaxed and got giggly as Jo kept making me laugh, it went really quickly!
What your favourite / least favourite part of your shoot?
Least favourite was how long hair/make up took, I don’t normally wear any make up and am rubbish at styling my hair.
Would you recommend a shoot to your best friend?
Absolutely, have recommended it to a few friends and hopefully they will be brave too and give it a go as it really is worth it! I would tell everyone to give it a go as the results are worth it!

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