Model Call

At the start of the year I put out a model call for a bridal boudoir shoot.  Well its always good to start with a plan.  I had lots of replies but eventually picked a young lady called Jade.  Costumes were purchased, HMUA was arranged and poses planned.


As with all my models, and lovely ladies, I asked jade to arrive with no make up and hair unstyled.  Laura soon set to work with the hair and make up – contact details below – and as always did a fabulous job.

As the shoot was primarily to build my bridal portfolio this is where we started.


Working with emotion and posing to help you make the most of you is important with all my shoots.  Oh and the light that day!  WOW.


My shoots often start like this. sitting in the window.  I like to find the strength in vulnerability and build on it.


We worked through pleasure, joy, passion and so many more.  But as with all of my shoots its important to leave on bad ass, in your face confidence!  Jade absolutely smashed it!


A huge thanks to Jade for modelling for me.  I cant wait for your album to arrive!


If you would like more information or to book a shoot fill in the little form.





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