Training #1

Training is so very important to me.  I am the first to admit I am self taught, and because of that I may do things a little differently.  It’s a bit like going on a long journey without a map or sat nav – you know where you want to be, you know you will get there in the end, but there may just be a shorter route.  Training for me is about that shorted route.  It fills in the blanks.

One of my big blanks is lighting.  Give me light and I can give you the picture.  However I live in the UK – need I say more?  So this year I have decided to work on lighting.  I contacted Andrew Appleton a while ago but at the time he had no courses available that fitted in with what I wanted and when I was free.    Then, as is often the case, boudoir karma kicked in, and he arranged a session at Saracen House studio for Febuary 14th – the same day as Mr S was shooting just down the road.  It would have been rude not too.

IMG_8444It was a small group and we began with a talk about boudoir and introduced to out model for the day Annie Moya before getting onto the shooting.  We started with natural light.  Even though this is my bread and butter I still felt really nervous.  It was so unlike how I normally work.  I realised how important the one to one connection between myself and my client is.  Here I was working with a model who knew how to pose beautifully, but we were far away from where I would normally be, coaching my ladies for emotion.


We quickly moved to flash and then to studio lights – something completely new for me.  A very steep leaning curve, but I was happy with the results.

I am saving pennies hard now to buy my own kit to really start to play with light in this way.  I am looking forward to be able to put into practice these new skills and combine them with my emotive style of shooting.


Will this replace natural light for MSB – no never.  For me you can not beat the way natural light wraps and caresses.  However its always good to have a trick or two in your pocket, and something a little different in your repertoire.

IMG_8490 And as a added bonus you can push your photoshop skills when editing your training images.  Not may ladies would go for this Noir or low key image, but I love them.



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