Bucket List

Those of you who know me will know that both of my parents passed away far too soon.  With a big birthday looming – and I know what you are thinking but its not 21! – I have decided to put together a pre birthday bucket list.  So here goes.
I want to run my third half marathon, and hit a PB at the same time.  I am realistic enough to know that I am not mentally strong enough for a full marathon, but I have done this twice, so I just need to man up and get off my bum.
I want to visit America – New York, Florida, New Orleans and California.  These are the places that draw me in, I’m not sure why.
I want more tattoos.  I already have two, but I’m not telling you where.  I need to work on a design that means something to me. 
I want to own a 2 seat convertible, not red.  I am not sure why I don’t like red cars, but I just don’t.  Or yellow ones.  It will be very nippy and totally mid life crisis territory.  I plan to ride around with no top on as much as possible, with very loud music and embarrass my children. 
Nothing earth shattering, but I felt really conscious when writing this list that there were so many I’s.  As a mum, wife, business owner I am very used to putting others first.  But this list is all about me.  I am making no excuses.  Sometimes you have to put yourself first.   I also noticed, as bucket lists go, I guess its kind of short.  That makes me happy.

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