Couple Boudoir

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”  Emily Bronte



I must admit I was a little nervous before my first couples shoot.  I am used to being very much in charge, and adding another person to the usual dynamic was a little unsettling for me.

However I really need to have worried.  Abbi and Ben arrived and we went through my plans for the shoot.  It really helped that I had already had a shoot with Abbi, and were like old friends.  Abbi then went into the ‘love lounge’ for her hair and make up – thank you Sarah.  Ben and I then had a chat and he helped me move some furniture around – this is not compulsory part of the shoot but much appreciated.



We started off with some fun shots and then moved to the more romantic poses.  Some couples shoots I have seen are very ‘personal’, but this was never the intention here.  My couple wanted some soft and romantic pictures and I am very happy with the result, and pleased to say, so are they.


We finished off with a couple of more traditional boudoir shots of Abbi.  All in all it was a great, fun afternoon.  I cant wait to get my next couple booked in.

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