Boudoir for Real Women #2

Today I would like to introduce you to the rather fabulous Francessca.  A Mediterranean beauty with a passion for dance and a wicked sense of humour.  A woman who definitely knows her own mind she booked her shoot to update her personal portfolio with some classic and glamourous images.

What made you book your shoot? – To lure potential lovers in to my lair.  Though I’m not sure you should say that, perhaps say something like to celebrate myself and my sexuality.

Did you have any concerns before your shoot? – No, but I have had quite a few photoshoots in my time and thoroughly enjoy them.  I use them to mark new phases in my life, and to capture the moment of How I am Now.

Do you think you were prepared for your shoot? – I loved all of the preparation, the mood boards and the contact before hand where I could let you know my aims and discuss ideas and themes.

How did you feel during your shoot? – I felt amazing and had an absolutely fabulous time.  Relaxing yet invigorating at the same time and totally absorbing.  You put me completely at ease and it felt very natural (even getting myself into some quite un natural positions) The next day I ached as if I had been doing something much more exciting – although the shoot was exciting enough!

What was your favourite part of the shoot? – It was totally indulgent – all about me-me-me.

What sort of woman do you think would benefit from a shoot? – I think all women could benefit especially those lacking in confidence.  It is great for boosting your self esteem.

Would you do another shoot and would you recommend it to your best friend?  – Definitely, I cant wait, and in the meantime I am recommending it to friends and anyone I meet who may be interested.

Thank you Francessca for letting me use your images and answering taking the time to answer my questions.  You are truly a fabulous boudoir babe and keep #spreadingtheboudoirlove.  Also thank you to the lovely Georgia Jackson for hair and make up xxx


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