Boudoir for real women #1

I am a great believer that boudoir is for all women.  It doesn’t matter about your age, your height, the number on the scales or your shoe size, all women deserve to have beautiful pictures of themselves and the empowerment that boudoir brings. So I am going to start to tell you about a few of my recent shoots.  All these ladies are ‘real’ women, and paying customers.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart that I can share their stories, opinions and a few of their images with you.

My lovely Miss A came to see me earlier in the year.  She has kindly agreed for me to use a few of her fabulous images in this post and answered some questions for me.  So here goes – boudoir for real women #1

Real Women Boudoir

What made you book a boudoir shoot?  – “I booked my shoot as a surprise for my husband on our first anniversary, needless to say the images went down a treat haha!”

Did you have any concerns before your shoot? – “I was so nervous before my shoot.  As a size 14-16, I worried that a boudoir shoot wouldn’t be ideal for somebody of my size with lots of wobbly bits that I normally like to hide as much as possible.  With this in mind, I contacted Jo, who suggested that I pop in for a coffee and a chat and to look around The Boudoir.  This totally put my mind at ease and helped me look forward to my shoot.”

Looking back on planning your shoot, were you given the help you needed to get ready for your shoot? – “Definitely.  Jo couldn’t have been more helpful.  Any questions I had, big or small, I was always given an answer to help me on my way with planning’

Real Women Boudoir


How did you feel during your shoot? – “I felt really nervous whilst getting my hair and make up done knowing I was going to be doing my nude shots first . {We had talked through exactly what Miss A had wanted from her shoot in her pre shoot consultation.  It is always good to discuss what you want and do not want to include.} But I found that once we started shooting all of my worries vanished.  With my hair and make up done, I felt a million dollars and nothing could have taken that feeling away.  Jo and I had a laugh and a little dance in between costume changes, she was absolutely fantastic.”

What was your favourite part of the process? – “Receiving the final product and thinking “WOW ….is that really me?” The images were outstanding and came packaged so beautifully”

Would you book another shoot, and would you recommend your best friend book one? – “In a heartbeat.  I keep badgering my husband for another one, failing that I will re-book again another year as it gives you such a confidence boost in yourself.  One of my awesome friends has already done a shoot with Jo and her images were also absolutely fantastic, she looked stunning!”

Real Women Boudoir

“Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It’s black and white – dramatic. You have to be strong.” Catherine Zeta-Jones

What sort of woman do you think would benefit from a boudoir shoot? – “Every woman should do one of these!  You will not leave disappointed …. The Boudoir is such an amazing experience for any woman.”

So would you say your shoot was a positive or a negative experience? – ” Absolutely 110% fantastic experience.  I can not praise this lady enough for the amazing work she does.  My photo’s were that good, that I have shown many of my friends …..When you feel that good about yourself, why not flaunt it?!  Book a boudoir shoot with Jo today, you will not regret it!”

Real Women Boudoir

“If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.” Katy Perry


If you would like to book a shoot, or to arrange a no obligation chat just fill in this little form and I will get back to you ASAP



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