Google Land

I have never been tremendously good at doing what I was told.  I caused my parents more headaches and heartbreak than I would like to admit – I wish they were both here for me to apologise too.  I was the one at school who pushed the uniform just far enough not to get expelled – “well it doesn’t say that I cant have blue hair, duuuh”.  I did manage to get a half decent education and eventually blagged myself a reasonably ok job, despite my rebellious streak not because of it.  It appears my children have inherited a little of this, so what goes around, comes around.

Now getting to the point.  Blogging.  Some people do it tremendously well.  They blog well written, informative blogs on interesting things.  Great.  Personally I find it draining, and I am not good at it.  I am not a ‘wordy’ person unless I have a little rant to get of my chest.  However the powers that be in Google land appear to love a blog – note I didn’t say ‘good’ blog.  There is a little gremlin in Google land called SEO – he feeds on blogs.  It appears the more blogs you give him, not dependant on quality,  the higher he pushes your web page up the Google search list.  Or you could just give him lots of cash instead.  You see my problem – no cash, and I do not like to blog.  SEO doesn’t like me at all!!!

However I will not be pushed into blogging.  I will not clog up the internet with my incessant ramblings about ‘stuff’  You do not want to hear about every shoot I do, every piece of kit I own, what I have for dinner.  Why would you?  If I have something to share, then share I will.. But I will not be forced into doing it to feed SEO.

So, my lovelies – if SEO is not spreading the Boudoir love in Google land, please, please, please spread it yourselves in the real world.  The real world, with real women, with real lives and real joys and tears.


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