Know your value and name your price.

I am currently updating my price and packages.  This always leaves me with a problem.  I would like to give every woman the gift of boudoir for free as I know how wonderful and empowering it is. Every woman deserves to be pampered and shown just how beautiful she is.  However I have bills – lots of bills.  I share a studio, with all the cost that entails. I have my camera and back up camera to maintain and insure.  I have lighting, lenses, props and coffee to buy.  I have expensive editing packages to buy.  Computers and back ups to keep up todate.  I have my operating insurances to pay for.  I belong to professional organisations.  I attend shows to promote my business.  All my stationary and business cards.  I train CONSTANTLY – buying and attending training to make sure I give the very best posing, lighting and experience I can.  Samples of new products are expensive but necessary – in a few years time no one will have a disc drive.  Who still has a video – think about it, technology moves on quickly!

My prices have to increase to pay my bills, simple as that.  I have had to sit down and  think about what I offer, how much it costs me to run my business.  I have had to think about my value.  That’s a hard thing to do.

But I still want to give the gift of boudoir to as many women as possible.  So what to do?

So ladies I want to you to think about your value.  How much would you pay for an afternoon of pampering, and empowerment with a box of memories that stop time and give you a little bit of YOU back?  Make me an offer.

I am making 3 bookings only on this ‘Name Your Own Price’ offer.  Ok I still need to pay bills, I can not and will not shoot for less than my worth – so don’t ask.  If you are looking for something for nothing, I am probably not the right photographer for you.  However if you value yourself enough to invest  a little bit of time and a little bit of money in you then let me know. Together we can make your perfect boudoir.  Your perfect box of memories.


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