While the boy’s are away ………

Are we fed up of the footy yet then girlies?  I know from the amount of football scarves and tops my lovely ladies bring into The Boudoir there are a lot of football mad fells out there. To be one hundred percent honest I just don’t see the attraction.  Well maybe David Beckham, but that’s about it.

So why the boys are glues to the TV, lets talk about you.  If like me, you spend most of your time working and looking after the family, why not reclaim a little bit of ME time.  Remember those long ago carefree summers – nothing to worry about but being home before dark.  Here are my MSB top 5 reclaiming me ideas.

1 – Shopping – had to be didn’t it?  I don’t mean a quick wiz around Tesco, I mean shop for something for you.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Of course in an ideal world it would always be shoes and lingere, but hey!  What about some new bubble bath or shower gel – it doesn’t have to be gold-plated, just a step up from your normal day-to-day one.  A new lipstick – go a shade brighter – you will be amazed how different it can make you feel.  I never feel quite like Mrs Smith until I get me red lippy on.

2 – Read a book – for me it’s always a treat to read a book.  Now this is a personal preference but I just do not think a kindle will ever do it for me.  The smell and the tactile quality of a good old-fashioned book.  I always have a couple of fluffy novels on the go at Xmas, but this time of year I try to read something old and some thing new.  This year I have really enjoyed a book called Perfect by Rachael Joyce, once again not everyone’s cup of tea, but different strokes as my Nan would say. My old is Wuthering heights – I lose myself in the descriptive prose – and it takes me back to teenage angst – if I ever left it?

3 – Speaking of teenage angst – Music is my number 3.  Now as much as I dislike digital books, I LOVE digital music and the convenience it brings.  I take hundreds of albums around with me everywhere I go – imagine doing that with vinal 12″ – if you can’t remember vinal ask google! My new favourite thing is Spotify – if you haven’t discovered it yet, PLEASE go and do it, you will thank me for it.  Discover something new – with Spotify its all free so you can listen to totally random stuff – you never know, you may develop a taste for Latin American rhythms – tying in with the football – impressed?

4 – Long, hot bath – use your new smellies you have been shopping for. Ready your new book.  Listen to your new music.  Don’t you love it when things come together.

5 – This is the biggy.  Do something for you.  Just for you.  Not for the kids.  Not for the other half.  For you.  It may be enrol in a class, take up running, have a tattoo, book a boudoir shoot – but something new and different.  Something, if you choose to tell anyone, people will think WOW I never thought you would do that!

As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers said ~ “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you, This life is more than just a read-through”

If you would like to book a shoot, DO IT!  You will never get today back.  Be beautiful.  Be bold.  Be boudoir.  Remember the shoot is in your hands – always glamorous, never glamour.


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