Mrs Smith Time Machine

Yes its true.

I have a time machine!

It takes all the bits you like about yourself and freezes them  – FOREVER!!  They will never put on weight, never wrinkle, never get a bit, lets say, less than firm – think you know what I mean girls.  Never EVER!!

Are you interested?


Ok so its not actually a real time machine, but a photograph has the power to capture you today, as you are. You will never be in this moment ever again.  How I wish I had had photos taken when I was in my twenties and thirties – pre children.  How I wish I had had bump shoots.  How I wish I had photos taken with my parents – now sadly this will never happen.  And I am writing this I am realising that now I have very few photos with my children as I am always behind the camera.  Who knows what tomorrow brings?  For goodness sake TAKE PHOTOS!!!!

Gosh I’m rambling on and have completely gone off track.  Back to MSB time machine. What I am trying to say is today is the right day for a shoot.  A MSB photo shoot can take all the bits you love and with a little styling and a bit of posing magic and just a sprinkle of Photoshop witchcraft we can freeze time.  What a perfect gift for yourself,.


All the girls you see on my Facebook page and here on my web page are REAL girls.  With real lumps and bumps and wobbly bits.  Let MSB freeze time for you today.  If you are interested in a shoot you can contact me by –

e mail –

facebook –

or fill the form out below




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