Hand on heart, I am not the world’s most devoted blogger.  All the blog recipes suggest I should be doing it at least once a week.  Like with so many things, I have never gone with the crowd! But that said, I am going to try to do more.  So here goes – hope you enjoy.

January & February

The MSB year kicked off with a wedding fair.  A little bit of an eye opener as I have never done one before. I think I was a little naieve and didn’t really know what to expect.  I felt the fair wasn’t really my natural stomping ground. All a little old school and traditional for me.  However I met some great people, and hopefully tempted a few ladies into The Boudoir later in the year.

My January and February were dominated by brides.  All very different and very fabulous.  We had pearls, veils, corsets, football scarves, rugby shirts, flowers and fizz.

2014-03-29_0001Love my brides


They put so much into their shoots.  And bring the most fabulous clothes to wear. They all want something a little different and push my MSB imagination into overdrive.

They were not all brides though.


This is a few images from one of my very favourite shoots so far this year.  The lady was very nervous when we started the shoot, but in the end she totally rocked it.  She really knew what she wanted form the shoot and we both worked hard to get it.  I think the emotion, sensuality and a little bit of vulnerability really shine through.  Beautiful.

Last but not least, a shout out to this lady.  The shoot was for a gift for her husband.  And, from what she said, he really enjoyed it!  But who wouldn’t?

2014-03-29_0002So a little tiny taste of what happened in the Boudoir early this year.  March has been a great month and I know that April looks like following suit.

So blogging, still not my forte, but hopefully I am learning.  Please stay with me and together we can make this totally fabulous!



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