Boudoir is a Marmite thing, right?

I have heard it said, and ashamed to admit it, said it lots of times myself – Boudoir is a Marmite thing – you either love it or hate it.  But then I got to thinking what I really felt about it – distilled its true meaning to me.

What boudoir means to me is softness, femininity, secureness in your own skin.  It means subtlety.  It means leaving a just little to the imagination, because that is the sexiest bit.  It means taking an image of someone that brings out the best in them.  It isn’t seedy, it can be just a little bit naughty.  It means using lighting, posing and just a hint of Photoshop to create something beautiful, to show my lovely ladies just how lovely they really are.  Glamorous images.  Fabulousness.  Emotion. Passion.  Detail. Empowerment.

lovely Lou

Boudoir doesn’t mean badly posed, badly executed erotic snaps. Now here I need to draw another distinction – and another confession.  I do love a little bit of picture postcard 1950’s style pin-up photography.  Its colourful and fun.  It’s a mile away from some of the bad boudoir I have found while looking for inspiration for my own business.  Some of it is bad, and I mean REALLY BAD!  Cringe-worthy bad.  And it is this bad boudoir that people seem to, not surprisingly dislike so passionately, because how can anyone dislike a fabulous empowering image of themselves or a loved one?

So I am here to stand up for Good Boudoir.  To show people that done correctly, it is truly a beautiful thing.  Make people think as passionately about good boudoir as they do about bad boudoir.  When people say to me in future, ‘oh you shoot boudoir, bit of a marmite thing’  I will say no, you just haven’t seen it done properly.


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