My Top 5 Reasons to add ‘Boudoir shoot’ to your to do list for 2014.

There are as many reasons to do a Boudoir shoot as there are (mainly) women who do one.  So here are the top 5 from MSB.

1 – Without doubt the most frequent reason I have found for ladies to have a boudoir shoot is as a gift for a partner.  Whether it be for a future bride as a present for her future husband, or a wife for a special anniversary present.  But why do this rather than buying a watch or a holiday?  I think it because it is such a personal thing.  You are giving a little piece of yourself to that person.  And sharing such an intimate thing makes a special bond between two people even closer.

wedding ring

This is a lady who gave her hubby a fantastic book of images for his Christmas present.  From what she told me later he wasn’t a bit disappointed he didn’t get socks!!!

2 – A big birthday – it happens to us all – those big birthdays that end with a ‘0’.  You can let them cast a shadow or welcome them with open arms and celebrate.  Celebrate the day as you will never have this day again.  And who knows what tomorrow may bring?  With age comes inner confidence.  I know from experience that I do now things I would never have dreamed about doing in my twenties.

image 02

3 –  Weight Loss.  I think these ladies deserve a special mention.  Ladies who have taken control of their lives. Seen something they don’t like and changed it.  And oh my goodness, how hot are these girls?

image 16_edited-1

This lady is my totally fabulous and gorgeous chum.  I am sure she would not mind me telling you she lost a lot of weight and has never looked back.  One of the first ladies I shot in the Studio and she is a fantastic model and muse, lovely person and makes great cakes!   But why wait to lose the weight?  I love shooting curves.  Curves create soft shapes and great shadows.  Underwear and posing can help make the most of the bits you like, and help disguise the bits you are not so keen on.  Shoot now and then when you reach your ideal weight shoot again.  See how far you have come.

4 – Transition.  A big change has happened or about to and the lady wants to have a record of how she looks today.  Perhaps the lady has had, or about to have a baby.  I do love a bump shoot!  Or possible they are recovering from a big operation.  There is a need to capture who you are.  Right now.  This is my beautiful cousin just a few weeks before she gave birth to her daughter.  Radiant I think you will agree.


5 – Empowerment – Girl Power! And the last reason is probably my favourite.  Having a shoot because you can.  Celebrating you.  Give yourself a gift you can keep for the rest of your life.  It is empowering because lets face it, if you can strip down to your smalls in front of a complete stranger with a camera, then there is NOTHING you can’t do.  It is something you have done for yourself.  No one else has to know about it.  Its your little secret.  And that gives you power.

Ladies trust me with such an intimate thing and I hope I can repay them by doing my very best to give them something they will treasure for ever.


So I guess to sum up, what ever your reason to add ‘Do a Boudoir’ Shoot’ to your ‘to do list’ for 2014 is, don’t delay.  Carpe Diem – seize the day because you will never get another go at it.  And who knows, if you do it now, then you may want to do it again later.



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