A MSB brief review of 2013

I think it is fair to say that 2013 has been a bit of a whirlwind here in The Boudoir.

January 2013 I decided to put Mrs Smith Images on hold to concentrate fully on the boudoir part of my business.  I felt I needed to give it my full attention if it were ever to take off.  Also, although I do love my MSI shoots, Boudoir is really where my heart is.

IMG_31  Miss D – Jan 2013

At this time I was shooting at home.  It is fair to say that the beginning of the year was a little quiet.  Thank you to all my friends who sat for me.

IMG_1451-1web  Red Bunny

April was a bit of a turning point.  This was when I started looking for somewhere to use as a studio.  To be honest it was a bit of a pipe dream and I had not really thought through all the details, but on the 16 April I viewed a property at 14 Tuesday Market Place in King’s Lynn.  It was a bit dusty and unloved, but I really felt it had potential.

first 2a First viewing of 14 TMP

Having previously spoken about sharing a space with my lovely friend Jo from Summer Love Photography, I decided to give her a call to see if she would be interested in a second viewing with me.  After a long chat and lots of coffee we decided to give it a go, and signed on 6 June.  When we moved in the place had been transformed from a dusty office to a beautiful feminine space filled with fantastic light.

Though two photographers sharing a space could seem a little odd it works well for us.  Jo shoots mainly weddings, life style and  babies.  I only shoot boudoir.  Neither one of us treads on the other’s toes – perfect – apart from Buble and Bunting, but I think that may be something for a future blog post!

My first shoot was in June – Lovely Lou.  My first bride.


Warm June and July days were filled with plans for the space, now known as The Studio, and imminent world domination.  Oh and some rather lovely ladies!

image 02 image 20b

August was a busy month in The Studio.

I had organised a training day with the wonderful Kate Hopwell Smith – one of the leading boudoir photographers in the country.  She was tremendously generous with her knowledge and a thoroughly nice person.  Once again the Lovely Lou was our model, fantastically dealing with rather hot conditions.

image 10b image 05B

Two days later was the official open day for The Studio.  Cake, balloons, coffee and a little more cake.  Lots of our lovely chums rallied round to help us make a great success of the day.  Thank you all.

So onwards into Autumn.  The training with KHS was just what I needed to boost my confidence, and I hope the shoots later in the year show this.

I no longer feel restrained to light and now welcome dark and shade into my pictures. I have more confidence in posing and utilising light and shade to help with body sculpting.


Xmas came in November in the Studio, with both Jo and myself organising mini shoots with a festive theme.  Fairy lights and a little bit of magic.  Lovely.


And the last, but not least, boudoir shoot of 2013 was wonderful Miss J.


So I think you will agree MSB has come a long way in 12 months.  And as for 2014……?

I would like to do more training, to allow me to offer more strings to my Boudoir Bow.

I am crossing my fingers that the Studio carries on going from strength to strength for both Jo and myself.  We have a few ideas up our sleeves and have already made a few changes so watch this space.

I hope to keep on showing my beautiful ladies just how beautiful they really are.

Oh, and I am still working on world domination.

Happy New Year

You can find the lovely Jo here –  http://www.summerlovephotography.co.uk/


2 thoughts on “A MSB brief review of 2013

  1. Your photos are were lovely Mrs S. For some one like myself who is really body conscious, you made me forget completely that there was a camera there. May 2014 be even more successful for Mrs Smiths boudoir. Al xxxx

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