MSB 8 golden rules to Christmas (underwear) Shopping

I do not profess to be an expert in may things, but I do LOVE to shop.  I love shopping for shoes, I love shopping for handbags and I really love shopping for underwear.  Now many people will be thinking about giving underwear for Christmas so here is a little guide to what I have learnt over the years.

Number 1 and most important – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep the receipt.  Alongside this golden rule check the shop does exchange underwear as not all do, and also how long after Christmas you have to exchange.

Number 2 – Less is rarely more.  Just because it is the size of a tea bag it doesn’t make it sexy.  Truly beautiful underwear leaves just the right amount to the imagination.

image 11B_edited-1 Vintage piece supplied by KHS


Number 3 – Wetter is not better – there are a few people that PVC suits – a VERY FEW.    Keep to natural fibres where possible – silk is just wonderful.

Number 4 – Back to basics.  If you are unsure stick to black, white and nude they suit everyone.  Pretty lacy sets, silky slips and babydolls are super flattering.



Number 5 – Try to find out the right size, but if unsure err on the side of caution.  Everyone would rather think they looked a size smaller than a size bigger!

 – how beautiful from

SHK Shock Absorber Run Bra

Number 6 – Sports – If you run or do any sports this piece of kit is essential.  Even if you think you don’t need one – you do!!

Number 7 – You do not have to pay a fortune.  Some supermarkets have lovely pieces, but do remember its Christmas.  Just like a MSB shoot – treat underwear as an investment in yourself (or someone else!)

Number 8 – ALWAYS keep the receipt.

PS – If you are not sure what underwear to buy,  buy diamonds – they always fit.


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