Getting ready for your boudoir shoot

As with lots of things in life a little bit of planning goes a long way in your boudoir shoot.

Think about what you would like to get out of it.  If you would like a few images on a disk the mini shoot may be the one for you.  If however you would like a book or one of my beautiful frames, the full boudoir shoot would probably be more appropriate.

Make your own moodboard – look through magazines and have a think about what you like.  Is there a certain pose that you would like to try?  Are you drawn to black and white or highly coloured images?  Do you like vintage or modern?  Discover the wonder that is Pintrest.  Here is the link to my Pintrest boards – and if you book a shoot with me we will use this to help to get to know each other a little better.

What to wear.  Gosh where to start?  Is always good to have at least 3 changes for a full shoot, but more the merrier.  Bring a good selection of things.  Remember jewellery and props such as a football or guitar, to personalise your shoot.

wedding belle white shirt A white shirt and a tie – doesn’t have to be skimpy to be sexy.  I like to think its what’s left to the imagination that is important.

image 02 Killer heels and stockings – probably the one thing I recommend all my ladies to bring with them – you just can not go wrong!

Underwear – plain white, lacy black, corsets – anything goes.  Remember this is an investment in YOU – so why not treat yourself to something new.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on it, you can get some lovely bits and pieces from the high street – I love M&S!

IMG_4155_edited-5Beautiful underwear set – bet you cant guess where it came from!

Hair and make up can be arranged for you, or you can arrange your own.  Up to you.  If you would like me to arrange it for you I know some fabulous hair and MUA, but they are always busy so try to give me a much notice as possible.

image 03bThe beautiful Louise with hair and make up by Annie and Sarah at The Hair Boutique

The weeks leading up to your shoot remember to get your beauty appointments booked.  Manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, waxing, roots etc.  Your hands will feature in lots of your images – never forget your nails!   Always moisturize – inside and out.  Moisturise your skin and lips for a few days before the shoot and drink plenty of water – its good for your eyes and skin.  I wouldn’t advise a new haircut or a spray tan just before a shoot.  Obvious reasons really.

image 10_

So on the day of your shoot don’t eat anything that is likely to blow you up. If you eat rubbish you will feel like rubbish.  I also never advise alcohol before a shoot.  A little Dutch courage may seem like a good idea but you can see it in the eyes.  Never good.  Please think about what you wear to your shoot.  Try not to wear anything that will leave marks on your skin – socks, skinny jeans, tight bra straps.  Also stick to a clear deodorant – white marks are never nice.

The night before the shoot, try and get a good nights sleep.  A shoot really is good fun so relax. Don’t get stressed.  It’s just me and you and a camera, unless you want to bring a friend. No one else will see the images unless you want them too.  And remember the most flattering thing you can wear is a smile.


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