Kate Hopwell-Smith Training Day

It was an early start for me on Friday 23 August.  A big day.  A day I had put a lot of work into.  Kate Hopwell-Smith was coming to The Studio in Kings Lynn for a training day.   Lots of you will know her work, but if you don’t I have put a link to her website at the bottom of this page.  I have admired her work for ages, so I  was quite nervous at the prospect of meeting her in person.  I shouldn’t have been as she is truly a lovely person, and amazingly generous with her knowledge.  She taught myself and the other three ladies on the course so much.

The beautiful Louise was our model for the day and hair and make up were done by Annie and Sarah – all fabulous check them out.

image 05B

Kate talked us through posing, light and shade, clothing choice and surroundings.   She taught us not to always look for the light but how shadow can be important too.  Kate has such an eye for colour, detail and light.   I came away with so many things to try and to pass on to my next ladies.

image 22_edited-1

Kate demonstrating the poses for us.

It was a long, and very hot day.  I felt totally exhausted after it.  But it was so worth it.  I left with a feeling of total self belief that what I was doing was right, and all the investment, time, financial and emotional is worth it.  I love my job, and I love helping my ladies bring out the inner vixen, raising lowered self esteem and celebrating themselves.  Whatever shape, size, age or colour, boudoir is something that can only be positive.  And I am more positive about it than ever.

Thanks Kate xxxx





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