My first shoot as a second shooter.

I don’t do weddings.

As a bit of a control freak the thought of trying to get a bunch of people who I don’t know to do things they are not keen on doing – “I hate having my photo taken” – sends a shiver down my spine.  So how, I hear you ask, did I end up as a second shooter at a wedding a few weeks ago?  Well my cousin Angie is a wedding photographer.  She does lots more too – check out her site

Angie asked me to second shoot for her and I agreed.  I then spent quite a while wondering why I agreed, because, like I said, I don’t do weddings.  I decided that something deep within me must have wanted the challenge so I needed to ‘man up’.

The day came and I think I must have been more nervous than the bride, who I must say was as cool as a cucumber.  Never have you met such an organised lady!  She looked stunning in a beautiful dress overlayed with beaded lace.  The whole wedding had a peacock theme and the bride had a fabulous peacock purse.

My brief for the day was simple – Angie wanted me to take a few specific shots and then some candid images at the reception.  So basically I did what I was told.  I got my shots and tried to stay out of the way of Angie getting hers.


I must admit the shots in the church were a challenge, but the reception was great.  I loved capturing all the little details and the reactions of the guests to the speeches.  I have not included too many of the shots on here as I feel to include images of people on a blog without their consent is just not quite right.


So do I do weddings now.  Definitely NO.  The thought of doing what Angie, and all the other professional wedding photographers do, still un nerves me.  I am happy in  my little Boudoir thank you.  Would I second shoot again – you bet.  I had a great day.

I just need to say a big thank you to Angie for asking me and having confidence In a wedding tog virgin.  Most of all I would like to say a huge thank you to the bride and groom for letting me share their special day.  And if you ever fancy a boudoir shoot you know where I am.


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