The Studio – Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Well it’s been a big secret for a while now, but now its all official.  Mrs Smith Boudoir is moving to a new home.  I am sharing a beautiful natural light studio with the lovely Jo from  .  It is in a grade 2 listed building and has the most wonderful natural light. High ceilings and fantastic atmosphere – I just cant begin to tell you how excited I am.  I plan to blog the progress so here goes.

I was a little disappointed and disheartened looking for a studio.  It seemed  like mission impossible to find somewhere that had great light, period features and well, just felt right as wouldn’t have to re mortgage my house to afford.  The morning I met the estate agent to view a couple of properties was cold and wintry.  We viewed several spaces before getting to number 14 TMP.  It was a sort of eureka moment – perhaps that’s a bit over the top, but I knew at once this could work.  Ok it was a bit dusty and unloved, but the potential was totally there.

As soon as I got home I contacted Jo to let her know and see if she would be interested in having a look.  We arranged to view again.  I must admit I was quite nervous going back as I was wondering if the first viewing had taken place wearing rose-tinted specs, but Jo could see it too.  So started a series of Apprentice style coffee-house meetings, lots of can we?, should we? what if? .  Oh my, talk about a roller coaster.

So after lots of e-mails, meetings, nail-biting – we are almost there.  The journey starts here ………….


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